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Stash Kalugin with his beloved wife Sally run the family owned Flying Moose Farm. He is a common sense, old school straight shooter who has three acres of agronomically organically cultivated Rhodialas. His stategy is to expand the farm to ten acres. His day to day work is;


Stash has been developing the Flying Moose Farm organic Rhodialas for about five years. He has the spirit of tinkering. His past hobbies include; remote control planes, woodworking, computers and electronics. By trade he is an exceptional wood craftsman and has been in the contruction industry for over 40 years.


The Flying Moose Farm takes most of Staha's time. However he does take on small side jobs to fill work when the farm work is slow, usually in the winter. He single handedly figure out the optimal time to harvest Rhodialas... it is at summer solstice not fall time as commonly believed by commercial farmers.